Praying for wounded Cloverdale (IN) Police Officer D. Luke Brown

December 11, 2016
7:45 AM pst

Our Merciful Lord, We come into Your Presence as we lift another wounded law enforcement officer before Your Throne of Grace. We are ever so grateful to YOU because of Your amazing grace and mercy in sparing Officer D. Luke Brown and seek Your grace and healing touch to continue to be upon him.  As news reports indicate he is doing good and is with his family, we seek Your continued touch to be upon him. We are so thankful he was wearing his vest which saved his life.  May You provide the medical professionals wisdom to be able to accurately diagnose and treat his wounds and bring about a complete healing. May Your grace additionally touch the heart of Officer Brown and may he sense Your sweet presence in his heart and spirit carrying him through this very emotional time. May Your grace especially touch his family who are at his side supporting him especially during this Christmas season. Lord, we also ask for Your grace, peace, mercies and comfort to settle upon the men and women of the Cloverdale Police Department and grant them comfort and peace. May You also grant the investigators wisdom and knowledge to be able to properly investigate this heinous attack on one of Your peacemakers. We are especially thankful the suspect who tried to take the life of one of Your Peacemakers has been taken into custody. Lastly Lord, as we know in the days and weeks to come, Officer Brown and/or some other co-workers may likely suffer from the effects of emotional trauma, we seek Your grace and peace to gently settle upon their hearts and minds and preserve them in Your Arms of love and mercy. Continue to heal this wounded peacemaker and may he sense Your Holy Spirit with him. And during this Christmas season, may Many officers be especially drawn unto the love of Your Son who we know will carry them through this difficult time. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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