Praying for the Sacramento County (CA) Sheriff’s Dept. in the on-duty murder of a deputy and for a second wounded deputy

January 19, 2021
11:06 AM pst

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O’ God, our hearts are deeply broken and our spirit weak as we mourn with the men and women of Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. who are mourning the tragic loss of one of their colleagues murdered in the line of duty.  Our Merciful Lord, it is Your Mercy we seek for every law enforcement officer in America in the midst of all of these attacks on Your peacemakers that are just an example of a deeper problem with sin in America. Nevertheless, Lord, we come boldly before Your Throne of grace to lift up the men and women of Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. into Your Precious arms of love and mercy.  As we know hearts are deeply broken, Lord, we are ever so grateful that the life of the second deputy was spared and seek Your continued healing touch to be upon this deputy. May You provide this deputy with the best possible medical care and may You also provide the correct specialists to be able to diagnose and treat his injuries. May Your mercies and grace extend to the many paramedics, fire fighters, first responders and medical staff who were responsible for treating these deputies. May Your mercies and grace also extend to the many other co-workers and allied law enforcement agencies who responded to assist at this incident. We are so very thankful the suspect will no longer be a threat to any other peace officers. Most importantly Lord, we lift up the family members of both deputies and ask for Your grace and strength to settle upon their minds and hearts and provide them a peace that passes comprehension. We especially seek a touch of our Master’s Hand to be upon the family of this fallen deputy as we know they are in shock and mourning ever so greatly. May they know Your word says, to, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give You rest.” O’ Lord, may this hurting family intimately know Your Amazing Grace right now in their heart and soul. And as we know traumatic incidents like these can cause long term emotional trauma, may Your Holy Spirit settle upon the heart of the wounded surviving deputy and any others affected and may Your mercies sustain them with Your mighty arms of love and Your amazing grace. May You continue to grant the investigators supernatural wisdom and insight to effectively investigate all aspects of this loss of one of Your servants. May You use this life-threatening situation to cause many to reflect inwardly at their hearts and souls. If this wounded deputy or any others do not know of Your unending love, may You draw them ever so close to Your Son in whom there is everlasting life. And as the Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. must begin the task to prepare a final farewell to their fallen friend, may You use this to draw many unto Your side. May many come to receive Your Son as their Savior and Lord. Continue to grant Your peace and grace to Your wounded servant who faced mortality tonight and survived. May Your love reign supreme in the hearts of many, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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