Praying for three Wichita (KS) Police officers injured in an explosion, one in serious condition

February 28, 2021
8:05 AM pst

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Our Father in Heaven, we seek Your unfailing love and mercies upon three of Your Wichita peace officers wounded/injured in the line of duty. O’ Lord, we seek Your grace more than anything to be upon these officers injured in an explosion. As news reports indicate one officer is in serious condition while the other two are stable, we ask You to provide them with the correct medical professionals to be available to render the proper care and treatment to their injuries. May Your unfailing love reach into their physical bodies and, even now, begin the healing process. As these officers had to endure this near-death experience, may Your love and Your Presence be revealed to them and may they be drawn ever so close to Your side. May they intimately know Your peace that passes all understanding. May Your peace, comfort, love, mercy and grace touch the families of each officer who are likely at the hospital rallying at their side. May Your mercies, unfailing love and peace provide supernatural strength to them at this time of uncertainty. May Your Holy Spirit also speak to the heart of this suspect and draw him close to Your Side as negotiators communicate with him. Lord, we also want to lift up the small army of law enforcement officers and countless paramedics, fire-fighters and other first responders who were at that scene. May You encamp Your angels around them and supernaturally sustain them with Your peace, mercy and grace. In light of this near-death encounter, may You continue to provide wisdom to law enforcement officer across America and the world to remember their training and always use sound tactics and intuition. May Your Holy Spirit gently settle upon the entire Wichita Police Department and strengthen them with Your Holy Spirit. Touch the hearts of every member of the many law enforcement agencies assisting in this very difficult situation. May You protect the heart, mind and spirit of every Wichita Police officer and draw them unto Your Son for strength. May Your love reign supreme and may many officers come to receive Your Son into their heart as their Savior and Lord. O’ Lord, may You raise up chaplains and other Godly officers to be a representative of Your Light. May You bring about good through this difficult incident. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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