Praying for wounded Winston-Salem (NC) Police Officer Nicholas Powell

January 4, 2016
1:20 PM pst

Our Gracious Lord, for the second time today we come before Your Throne of Grace with hearts of thanksgiving to thank You for sparing the life of another North Carolina law enforcement officer—this time from Winston-Salem—Officer Nicholas Powell. As the news reports indicate he suffered non life-threatening wounds, we, ask You to continue to grant the medical doctor’s wisdom to be able to accurately assess his wounds and continue to apply the correct treatment. Lord, as we know these outright attacks upon Your servants are inspired by evil, we ask You to continue to fill every law enforcement officer in North Carolina and across America with supernatural wisdom, insight and strength as they perform their duties as peacemakers for Your Word says, “The policeman is sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you  should be afraid, for he will have you punished. He is sent by God for that very purpose.” May Your peace and grace especially touch the heart, mind and spirit of Officer Powell who experienced this near-death encounter. May You especially be with his family who are loving and supporting him through this ordeal. And as we know incidents like these can cause long-term emotional trauma, may Your grace intercede in his heart and draw him unto Your side to intimately know Your grace. May the suspect’s heart be challenged to cause him to repent and receive the love and forgiveness of Your Son. Most importantly, may these officers and every officer abroad know Your word says, “It is God who arms [them] with strength and makes [their] way perfect.” Finally, we ask Your grace, love, peace and mercy to settle upon the officers who were present when this incident occurred. And may every officer with the Winston-Salem Police Department intimately sense the love of Your Son and His peace that passes all understanding. May many officers receive You as their savior and Lord, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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