Praying for an injured North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trooper

January 23, 2016
3:15 PM pst

Our Merciful Lord, We are thankful to You for sparing the life of a North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trooper who was intentionally struck by a vehicle.  As the news reports indicate he was not seriously injured, we ask You to continue to grant the doctors and entire medical staff wisdom to effectively treat and restore this officer to full health. As this trooper is recovering in the hospital, we ask You to pour out Your grace and peace upon his heart and mind and draw him ever so close to Your Side.  May your grace and mercies especially be with this trooper’s family and may your peace that transcends all understanding settle on their hearts and minds.  May you be with the investigators and grant them wisdom and supernatural insight to be able to track down these suspects and bring them to justice. And should these suspects attempt to harm any more law enforcement officers, may You confuse their hearts and minds and cause their actions to be thwarted.  Finally Lord, May Your grace and comfort extend to the men and women of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and entire local law enforcement community and protect them with Your arms of love.  May many troopers and colleagues of this injured officer be drawn to you, Lord, the only One who can and will provide them a peace that passes all understanding. May You use this near-tragedy to draw many unto the love of Your Son and may many come to know You, Lord, in a real and personal way, this we ask in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.    

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