Praying for two seriously injured Brevard County (FL) Sheriff’s Deputies

January 26, 2016
5:25 PM pst

Our precious Lord, it is with deep hearts of gratitude and thanks that we come into Your Presence to earnestly lift up these two injured deputies who were senselessly attacked while performing their jobs.  First and foremost, Lord, we are so thankful for sparing their lives.  As both deputies are being treated at local hospitals, we ask you Lord, to grant your continued healing power to be upon them and give the doctors wisdom to be able to effectively treat their injuries and render the correct treatment to completely restore them.  May you grace, peace and comfort be with the entire Brevard County Sheriff’s Department and especially the co-workers and emergency medical personnel who were on scene at the time of this incident.  May you touch their minds and hearts and spare them from any emotional trauma often associated with these incidents.  May Your grace also extend to the male and female suspect who attacked these deputies and may they find solace and forgiveness in the love of Your Son.  Father, we also want to lift up the families and spouses of these injured deputies and ask that your love, mercy, grace, peace and strength sustain them through this difficult time.  May the comfort of your Holy Spirit be upon the entire Brevard County Sheriff’s Department and their families and may you bring comfort and peace to all.  May the name of Jesus be glorified throughout the entire Brevard County Sheriff’s Department and may many come to personally know the love of Jesus. May they know they can always place their hope in You as You will always be at their side for Your Word says that You will never leave us nor forsake us.  This we ask in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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