Praying for a wounded Oakdale (MN) Police Officer

January 28, 2016
11:10 AM pst

Our Lord Jesus, We come into Your Presence, O’ Lord, to lift up this wounded Oakdale Police Officer.  We are ever so grateful to You for sparing this officers life who sustained a wound to the arm.  May your grace, mercy and continued healing touch be upon his body and restore him to full health.  As we do not know the extent of his arm wound, we ask You to grant the doctors and medical personnel continued wisdom to effectively treat his injuries that will lead to a full and complete recovery without any residual loss of use or pain.  As the officers family is likely at his side, may You grant them peace, grace, mercy and comfort in their hearts and minds as they cope with this near tragedy.  As we know other officers were present during the execution of this search warrant, we ask for Your Presence and comfort to be with all of the law enforcement personnel who were at that shooting scene and protect their minds and hearts from any mental and emotional repercussions so common to those who have experienced life threatening events.  Lastly, grant the investigators wisdom and insight to gather all of the facts surrounding this attempted murder on one of Your servants.  May the presence of your Holy Spirit be revealed to all of the law enforcement personnel involved in this incident and if any do not know you personally, may they somehow have an opportunity to receive You into their hearts and obtain eternal life with You.  May You raise up Godly officers and chaplains to reach out to those in deed.  This we ask in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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