Praying for wounded Kenton (OH) Police Officer Skyler Newfer

February 6, 2016
8:50 PM pst

Our Gracious Lord, With deep hearts of gratitude we come before Your Throne of Grace to offer our thanks and praise to You, Lord, for sparing the life of Officer Skyler Newfer.  As the news reports indicate he suffered two gunshot wounds and is expected to survive, we ask for your healing power to continue to descend upon his body and may he be fully restored to complete health.  May Your wisdom fill the medical doctor’s hearts and minds and give them insight to make the best decisions for his treatment to bring about a full recovery.  May your hands of mercy settle upon his family who are rallying around him to support him.  May they know that it is your love, grace and mercies that will carry them through this difficult time.  Lord, we also ask for your peace to gently settle upon the hearts and minds of every member of the Kenton Police Department and may they know it is YOU who is carrying them through this near death experience.  May every officer know without a doubt that You will be their Shield, Rock and Fortress wherever they go.  May every officer across America continue to remember their training and to always use proper tactics and procedures.  May your amazing grace uplift those officers who were involved in this shooting and fill them with Your love, grace, peace and comfort.  May they know only You are the One who can sustain them at this emotionally difficult time.  May every Kenton Police officer and allied law enforcement officers who were involved in this shooting know that anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved and shall enter Your rest.  May you use this to draw many to come to know You as Savior and Lord.  May your unfailing love be made known to all.  May You use many Christian officers to reach out to their peers and may they see Your love in action.  This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  

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