Praying for The Riverdale (GA) Police Department in the on-duty murder of Officer Greg Barney

February 11, 2016
5:25 PM pst

Our Father in Heaven, in the past week eight of your peacemakers across America have been shot in the line of duty.   O’ Lord, as a result of these heinous attacks, we know there are thousands upon thousands of law enforcement officers, friends and family members grieving these losses—and now today, we must endure the loss of Riverdale Officer Greg Barney.  May Your grace be poured out upon the men and women of the Riverdale Police Department as they grieve this tragic loss. May your peace, love and comfort settle upon them and uphold them with Your Arms of loving kindness.  May your Presence especially descend upon the family members of Officer Barney who are mourning deeply at this tragic loss.  Lord, we ask You to grant the investigators supernatural wisdom and insight to investigate this murder of one of Your servants of righteousness and gather all of the facts surrounding this attack.  As we know other law enforcement officers were present when this incident occurred, we seek your grace, peace, love, mercy and comfort sweetly to settle upon them. As traumatic incidents like these can emotionally and spiritually affect the hearts and minds of many, we ask For Your Holy Spirit to touch their entire body and prevent them from enduring any short term or long term trauma. May many law enforcement officers be drawn to the love of Jesus Christ where there is endless mercy and grace and may many have an opportunity to know Your Son in a real and personal way.  And as the suspect was shot and is in critical condition, we seek mercy for the suspect even though he must suffer judgment under the law.  As the Riverdale Police Department must now prepare a final farewell to Officer Barney, may You be glorified.  So Lord, may You raise up Godly officers and chaplains to be a representative of Your Light and Your Love, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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