Praying for Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Sgt. Marcy Pearce  intentionally struck by a vehicle

February 19, 2016
10:05 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven, we are so deeply grateful to You for sparing the life of Sgt. Mary Pearce who was intentionally struck by a car driven by 15 year old Jancarlos Ortiz.  As the news reports indicate Sgt. Pearce suffered a variety of injuries, we ask You to guide the medical doctors and grant them wisdom to accurately diagnose all of her injuries and then render the appropriate treatment to bring about a full recovery.  May Your amazing grace, peace, comfort and most of all Your Presence touch Sgt. Pearce and she copes with this near-death encounter.  May You be with the investigators and entire law enforcement community as they search for this suspect and bring him to justice.  May Your Holy Spirit speak to the heart of this suspect and cause him to feel remorse and sorrow and turn himself in.  And if he tries to harm any other law enforcement officers or citizens, may You thwart any of his actions and cause them to fail.  May Your peace and comfort extend to the men and women of the entire Orange County Sheriff’s Department as we know incidents like these can be emotionally traumatizing to them as well.  Lord, we ask You to pour out our love and grace upon the family of Sgt. Pearce as they support her at this emotional time.  May they know, “The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.”  Grant the investigators wisdom to bring the suspect to justice and may the suspect come to know Your amazing love through this ordeal.  As a result of this near-death experience, may many officers and family members come to receive the love and forgiveness of Your Son and receive eternal life, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.
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