Praying for the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics in the murder of an agent; and for three wounded Mississippi officers and two wounded New York City Police Officers

February 20, 2016
7:35 AM pst

O’ Lord, the family of law enforcement officers across America come into Your Presence as they reel from these attacks on so many of Your servants this past evening.  We first come with heavy hearts to lift up the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics who lost an agent while executing a search warrant.  We also want to lift up three other law enforcement officers into Your arms of love who were also wounded in this same incident.  We also want to lift up two more New York City peacemakers into Your Presence who just hours prior to the Mississippi incident, were wounded in the line of duty by a man bent on destruction.  O’ God, those of us in law enforcement including every family member of those in law enforcement say “Enough”.  Lord, we seek Your mercies upon mercies to be upon these five wounded law enforcement officers in New York and Mississippi as they come to grips with these deadly encounters.  As we know these incidents have emotionally and spiritually affected countless co-workers and other law enforcement officers, we come boldly into Your Presence to cry out to You.  Pour out Your grace and comfort upon the family of this fallen Mississippi agent.  May You draw them ever so close to Your Side as they are deeply grieving and mourning at this tragic loss of one of Your peacemakers.  May You be our Rock and our Fortress, our stronghold in times of trouble.  May Your love, grace, peace, Presence and Your comfort especially touch all five of Your wounded servants.  Grant the medical doctors treating them with Your wisdom to properly diagnose and treat them to bring about a full recovery.  As countless families were affected from these incidents, may You wrap Your arms around them and may they sense Your peace that passes all understanding.  As officers in both New York and Mississippi had to fire their weapons in which suspects were shot, may Your Holy Spirit touch the hearts of those officers and prevent them from endurung any subsequent emotional trauma that can come from incidents like these. O’ Lord, may You supernaturally touch the countless law enforcement officers in New York City and in Mississippi who were affected by these attacks.  May You raise up Godly officers, chaplains and others to represent the name of Jesus and draw mamy unto His side.  May they know that whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.  May Your love reign supreme, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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