Praying for a critically wounded Fort Worth (TX) Police Officer

March 15, 2016
2:00 PM pst

O’ God, it is with the most earnest of hearts that we come urgently into Your Presence to lift up a critically wounded Fort Worth Officer and place him into Your Hands.  As the news reports indicate he was airlifted and is critical, we ask You to reach inside his physical body and stop the bleeding.  May You touch all of his internal organs and begin the healing process.  May You be glorified at what is happening to this officer because of Your Amazing grace and endless mercy.  May You have already in place a number of surgeons and other specialists to be able to render immediate treatment.  O Lord, spare Your servant we pray.  As we know countless Fort Worth officers are struggling deeply in their hearts and minds that their friend and co-worker will be spared, we ask You to Pour out Your amazing supernatural, Holy Spirit inspired strength to every officer and sustain them with Your love and grace.  As the news reports they are searching for another suspect, may You protect every officer and may Your Presence be a Fortress around them at all times.  Prevent any more officers from being harmed.  May You confuse the suspects mind and heart and cause him to be located quickly.  May You cause his weapon(s) to malfunction.  And if this suspect confronts officers, may they officers use wisdom and remember their training to stay professional even as they are concerned for their friend and co-worker.  As we know the family of this officer is at the hospital, may the family sense Your peace that passes all understanding to carry them through this time of uncertainty.  O’ Lord, the men and women of law enforcement say enough, no more!  Touch the men and women of the entire Fort Worth Police Department as they rally around their injured comrade.  O’ Lord, raise up Godly officers, chaplains and others to be a representative of Your Son to carry them through this ordeal for we know Your word says You will be with us in any trouble we will experience.  Grant peace to the law enforcement officers and strength to carry out their duties in a professional manner.  May this last suspect be taken into custody and may Your healing touch be upon Your wounded peacemaker.  May Your will be done, in the name of Jesus we Pray, Amen.

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