Praying for four (4) wounded Brussels (Belgium) Police Officers

March 15, 2016
5:30 PM pst

Our Merciful Lord, as the law enforcement community in San Bernardino recently went into combat against terrorists in which an officer was wounded, we come before Your Throne of Grace to lift up four Brussels Police Officers wounded as they confronted a group of armed terrorists in their own community.  As the news reports do not indicate their immediate conditions, we ask You, Lord, to continue to touch the hearts and souls of these officers. May You raise up the correct medical specialists to be available to treat each of the wounds of these officers and restore them to full health.  As we know the entire Brussels Police Department is on high alert, may You give the investigators wisdom and insight to be able to track down and apprehend all of these suspects bent on continuing to terrorize their community locally and abroad.  May You fill the investigators with Your Holy Spirit.  May Your Holy Spirit touch the hearts of each of these suspects and cause them to repent.  And if they choose to ignore Your prodding to turn to You, we ask You to confuse their hearts and minds and to be totally confused at all times.  May You cause the suspects to argue among themselves.  May the suspects make themselves known to the public who in turn will report their location to the police.  May You cause the suspects weapons to misfire and/or malfunction.  Protect every law enforcement officer from all harm and danger.  O’ Lord, as we know there is wickedness in this world, we place the men and women of the Brussels Police into Your Hands of Mercy and ask You to guide and protect them at all times.  May Your mercy, love, grace, peace and comfort settle upon the hearts of these four wounded officers and may they sense Your Presence in their hearts carrying them through this near-death encounter.  May You reveal to them Your grace and Your salvation.  As there are hundreds of law enforcement family members ever so concerned for their loved ones, may they know that they can cast their burdens upon You for You care for them.  Continue to be their Rock, Fortress and Deliver at all times, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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