Praying for wounded Washington County (AR) Sheriff’s Lieutenant Tion Augustine

March 15, 2016
9:00 PM pst

Our Father in Heaven, Once again we find ourselves so very grateful to You, Lord, that the life of Lieutenant Tion Augustine was spared.  As the news reports indicate he has undergone surgery and is in the ICU, we therefore lift this officer into Your presence and ask for Your healing power to be upon the gunshot wounds he suffered.  As he is being treated at a local hospital, may You be with the Lt. Augustine’s mind and spirit where he may sense Your presence carrying him through this very emotional time.  Grant the doctors supernatural wisdom and insight to continue to properly treat and heal his wounds.  May Your abundant mercies sweetly settle upon the men and women of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department and may Your presence be made known in their hearts and minds as they rally around their wounded friend and comrade.  May Your peace and grace especially touch the family of Your wounded servant of righteousness and draw them ever so close to your side.  May they intimately come to know Your amazing grace, love, peace, mercy and kindness as You carry them through this very emotional time.  May You grant the investigators wisdom to determine the facts surrounding this near death encounter and may it be used as a training aid to help other officers survive similar encounters.  Finally, Lord, may Your grace touch the heart of Lt. Augustine and draw him close to Your side where He may sense Your presence.  And if he does not know You in a real and personal way, may You lead a Godly officer, chaplain, nurse or friend to tell this officer how much You love Him.  May He receive You into his heart as Savior and Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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