Praying for the Howard County (IN) Sheriff’s Dept. in the on-duty murder of Deputy Carl Koontz and for wounded Sgt. Jordan Buckley

March 20, 2016
4:40 PM pst

O’ God, Our hearts are broken and our spirits numb at the loss of Deputy Carl Koontz and for Sgt, Buckley who was wounded in this same incident.    Lord, the pain of the loss of another peacemaker is ever so great to the law enforcement community in Indiana and across the U.S.  May Your grace be made ever so real in the countless broken hearts.  May Your mercies and comfort especially extend to the family of Deputy Koontz as they are in shock and mourning ever so greatly at this loss.  May they sense Your amazing grace in their hearts and minds as they try to make sense of this tragic loss. May Your arms of love and grace hold tightly the family members Sgt. Buckley as You carry them through this near-death encounter.  May Your grace, peace and Your Presence additionally touch the men and women of the Howard County Sheriff’s Department and allied law enforcement agencies as they cope with this loss of a friend and colleague.  As we know this has caused a deep sorrow to encompass many deputies and co-workers, we also know it is Your mercy and grace that can and will sustain those with deeply broken hearts.  May You, Lord, bring about good through this tragic loss.  May You use these circumstances to awaken the hearts of the many local and state leaders as to the dangers law enforcement officers face every day.  May Your Holy Spirit touch the hearts of those in deep mourning and draw them ever so close to Your Son in whom there is everlasting life.  May many family members, friends and co-workers know they can receive eternal life through a relationship with Your Son.  As the Howard County Sheriff’s Department must now prepare a final farewell to Deputy Koontz, may You use this service to draw many law enforcement officers unto the love of Your Son.  May many know Your Word says, “…if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come”.  May all those grieving rest in Your Love, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.  

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