Praying for a wounded Thornton (CO) Police Officer and for seriously injured Temple Terrace (FL) Police Officer Nick Dittman

March 24, 2016
5:35 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven, We thank You, Lord, for Your protecting Hand to have been upon these two peacemakers and are so grateful to You, Lord, for sparing their lives.  May You continue to grant the medical personnel wisdom to treat their wounds and injries and apply the correct treatment.  May Your mercies also surround the families of both officer as they love and support their loved ones at this very emotional time.  May they know that You will continue to be their Rock and Shield.  May your grace and peace touch the many emergency personnel, paramedics and co-workers who responded to help both of these officers.  As we know events like this can cause long-term emotional trauma, we therefore come earnestly before Your Throne of Grace and ask for Your love, grace, peace, mercy and comfort to sweetly settle upon the hearts and minds of everyone involved.  May you continue to always be their protector and their Strong Tower.  And if any officer may be struggling in their mind and spirit, may they know that those who come near to God, He will in turn draw near to them.  Lord, we ask that You empower the investigators with supernatural wisdom to gather all of the factsand details in both of these incidents.  May the officers with the Thornton Police and the Temple Terrace Police Departments be drawn ever so close to Your side where there is everlasting joy and peace.  And for those who are unsure of who You are, may You draw them to Your side and reveal to them the eternal life found in Your Son.  May many be given an opportunity to personally know and receive Him into their hearts and receive everlasting life with You.  This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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