Praying for a wounded Columbus (OH) Police Officer

April 10, 2016
8:30 AM pst

Our Merciful Savior, on this Lord’s Day, what comes to mind with the life of another one of Your peacemakers whose life was spared is this: grateful, thankful, humbled, appreciative and amazed at Your love and grace.  We therefore come boldly before Your throne of grace to lift up this wounded Columbus Police Officer into Your Arms of Love and we are so grateful for your mercies in sparing his life.  As we continue to lift him before your Throne of Grace, we ask for your continued healing power to touch his physical body and restore him to complete health.  As the news reports he is undergoing surgery, we thank You for modern medicine and ask You to guide the hands of the surgeons to treat and restore him to full health.  May you also grant your mercy, grace and peace to the entire Columbus Police Department as they cope with nearly losing a friend and colleague.  May you especially settle your presence upon the family of this officer and grant them peace that passes all understanding.  Lord, may you give the investigators wisdom and insight in order to piece together the facts surrounding this entire incident.  As there for countless officers across the U.S. and abroad in harms ways, may you grant them an increased depth of insight, wisdom and discretion in their daily duties in order to be kept safe and to protect their community.  In this midst of these difficult times, may Your Holy Spirit draw many officers and family members close to your side where there may be protected from evil and know the eternal salvation found in You alone.  And if this wounded Columbus officer does not have a personal relationship with You, may Your Holy Spirit impress on his heart that Now is the day of salvation.  Lord, continue to protect all of your protectors, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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