Praying for wounded Brazoria County (TX) Sheriff's Deputy Brian Harper

April 11, 2016
6:35 AM pst

O’ Lord, We are so grateful for Your wonderful mercies upon wounded Deputy Brian Harper, and are so thankful that You spared his life.  We, therefore, lift up this Deputy Harper into You Presence Lord and ask You to wrap Your loving arms around him as he recovers from this near-death experience.  We are most grateful for the Kevlar vest that saved his life.  May Your peace that passes all understanding sustain this Deputy Harper and may he be drawn ever close to Your side for the continuing comfort of Your Holy Spirit.  May Your mercy, grace, love and everlasting comfort especially settle upon the family of Deputy Harper as they, too, had to endure the near loss of their loved one.  May Your grace additionally touch every member of the BRAZORIA COUNTY Sheriff’s Department as they rally around to support Deputy Harper and his family.  Lord, may You use these life threatening incidents as a reminder and training aid to law enforcement officers across America and the world to forever be vigilant in everything they do and may they never become complaisant.  Lastly Lord, if there are any law enforcement officers who are struggling to make sense of the attacks upon law enforcement officers, may they know that You ordained their job to protect and serve their community wherever they may be.  May many law enforcement officers come to recognize their need to draw near to You for You will then draw near to them. And if Deputy Harper does not know You personally, may he and many others come to receive Your forgiveness and receive Your Son as their personal Savior and Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
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