Praying for a wounded Portales (NM) Police Officer

April 11, 2016
11:50 PM pst

Our Father in Heaven, We once again come boldly into Your presence to thank you for sparing the life of a Portales Police Officer.  Lord, as he is being treated at a local hospital for unspecified wounds, we ask that You would be with the medical doctors and specialists and grant them supernatural wisdom to effectively treat his wounds and restore him to full health.  May Your grace and mercies touch the men and women of the Portales Police Department as they support their wounded comrade.  May Your grace and comfort touch the heart and mind of any of the other police officers who were involved in that shooting and sustain them with Your amazing grace.  As we know the emotional trauma from incidents like this can affect many officers, we ask for Your peace that passes all understanding to settle upon their hearts and minds.  May Your peace and comfort especially settle upon the family members of this wounded officer as they are at the hospital supporting him at every step. May You grant the investigators insight and wisdom to effectively piece together this investigation in order to allow justice to move forward with the prosecution of the suspects.  As this wounded officer and any other Portales officer who walked through the valley of the shadow of death today contemplate this near death encounter, may Your Holy Spirit draw them ever so close to Your side in order to intimately experience Your peace that passes all understanding.  May You use this near-death experience to draw many officers, family members and co-workers ever so close to Your side.  May many examine their hearts and minds and may those who do not know Your Son, come to know Him in a real and personal way as we know there are only two alternatives after death—heaven or hell.  May Your name be lifted high, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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