Praying for ambushed/wounded Harris County (TX) Deputy Constable Alden Clopton and for a wounded Austin (TX) Police SWAT Officer

April 14, 2016
5:50 PM pst

O’ Lord, it is with deeply grateful hearts that we come into Your Presence to thank you for sparing the lives of two more of Your Peacemakers.  As the news reports indicate Deputy Clopton was shot multiple times, we seek Your amazing grace to supernaturally settle on his heart and mind and body as You use the countless medical doctors to continue to treat his wounds.  We ask You to touch his entire physical body and use the surgical techniques and medicine to heal his wounds and restore him to complete health.  We also lift up this Austin SWAT officer into Your arms of love and thank you for sparing his life.  May You continue to give the doctors wisdom to properly treat his leg wound and bring about a full recovery.  As we know these two traumatic incidents affected so many co-workers, we ask You to pour out Your abundant grace on the men and women of the Harris County Constables office and the Austin Police Department.  May they intimately know that although they walked through this deep valley of uncertainty today, may they each sense the presence of Your Holy Spirit uplifting them and carrying them through this difficult time.  And as we know these incidents have affected many family members, may Your grace, love, peace, mercy and comfort touch them and carry them through these coming days.  Lastly, Lord, as these near death experiences can affect many co-workers, may Your Presence carry them through these difficult days.  And if these wounded officers do not know You, may Your Holy Spirit draw them unto Your Side and receive Your forgiveness and salvation, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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