Praying for a seriously injured Fort Wayne (IN) Police Officer involved in an on-duty collision

April 25, 2016
8:10 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven, We again earnestly come before Your Throne of Grace and Mercy, Lord, to lift up a Fort Wayne Police Officer who was seriously injured in an on-duty traffic collision.  As she is currently being treated at a hospital, we ask for Your supernatural touch to begin the healing process for her injuries and protect her mind and entire body from any long term issues.  May you grant the medical doctors wisdom and insight to effectively diagnose and treat her injuries and restore her to complete health.  May your Holy Spirit settle upon her mind and body and may Your grace and peace sustain her.  May Your peace, comfort, mercy and grace especially touch her family as they support her at this difficult time.  May Your peace that passes all understanding gently settle upon the members of the entire Fort Wayne Police Department and especially her co-workers who were at this collision scene.  May Your peace gently settle upon their minds and spirits and may they each be drawn ever so close to You for comfort.  May You grant the investigators wisdom and insight as they investigate this collision.  And if any officers or family members might be struggling emotionally or spiritually at this time, may Your Holy Spirit sweetly settle upon them and draw them ever so close to Your side.  May Your blessings and touch continue to be upon this injured officer and draw her ever so close to Your heart.  This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  

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