Praying for wounded/injured officers with Milwaukee (WI) Police, Gwinnett County (GA) Police and the St. Joseph (MO) Police Departments

May 6, 2016
9:45 AM pst

Our Merciful Lord, it is with deep hearts of gratitude that we come before Your Throne of Grace with thankful hearts in sparing the lives of these three peacemakers who were brutally attacked while on-duty protecting the citizens in their communities.  We first want to lift up a Milwaukee Police Officer who was shot during a robbery by a suspect.  We are so thankful the officer was wearing his vest and his life was saved.  As we know two other officers were forced to fire their weapons and the suspect lost his life, we also lift up those officers and ask for Your grace to touch their hearts and minds and fill them with Your comfort.  We next want to lift up Gwinnett County Officer Jordan Wenslow who suffered a severe head wound while trying to arrest a violent suspect.  And last, we want to lift up St. Joseph Police Sergeant Steve Smith who was brutally attacked while trying to assist another officer in making an arrest.  O’ Lord, we lift up each of these injured officers into Your Arms of Love and Grace.  May You grant the medical doctors wisdom and insight to properly diagnose their injuries and then apply the correct treatment to bring about a full physical recovery.  Most importantly Lord, we want to lift up the families of each of these wounded peacemakers as we know they, too, are affected just as much as Your wounded/injured peacemakers.  We also want to lift up the men and women of the Milwaukee Police, Gwinnett County Police and the St. Joseph Police Departments into Your loving arms.  May Your grace, love, peace and comfort surround them and draw them ever so close to Your Side.  As we know these physical wounds and injuries will heal with time, we also know the short term and long term emotional trauma associated with these incidents can be very challenging for each of these wounded/injured servants. Therefore, may Your Presence and Your amazing grace touch each of these wounded/injured officers and their many co-workers who were affected by these life-threatening encounters.  May You use these incidents as training aids to help others learn from these near-death experiences.  And if any of these officers or co-workers are uncertain as to their eternal destination should they have perished, may You draw them unto Your Son in whom there is eternal life, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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