Praying for a wounded Mahomet (IL) Police Officer

May 8, 2016
9:10 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven, on this Mother’s Day of 2016, the law enforcement community in Mahomet, Illinois, is seeking Your intervention in the search for suspect, Darcy "Clint" Pendelton, who attempted to murder one of Your peacemakers.  Lord, we, therefore, come into Your presence to lift up a wounded Mahomet officer who suffered a gunshot wound.  We are thankful for sparing the life of this wounded the officer and his co-workers.  As we do not know the extent of his injuries, we ask for Your healing touch to be upon him and may You grant the medical staff wisdom and insight to properly diagnose and treat his injuries.  May You give the law enforcement officers wisdom and supernatural insight to be able to track down this very dangerous suspect and may he be apprehended quickly.  May You cause many citizens to be vigilant and may the suspect be found and arrested without any further harm to any more officers or any citizens. May You use the media in Illinois to notify many citizens. May You cause the suspect to be confused and cause him to be seen by concerned citizens who will report him to the authorities.  May Your peace, mercy, grace and everlasting comfort touch the heart and mind of this wounded officer and may Your grace especially touch his family as they are at the hospital supporting him at this highly emotional time.  May Your peace settle upon the entire Mahomet Police Department and surrounding allied agencies and draw them unto Your side.  May every law enforcement officer remember their training and remain professional at all times in the search for this dangerous suspect.  May Your Holy Spirit convict the heart of this suspect and even cause the suspect to surrender peacefully.  May Your name be glorified and may many officers (especially this wounded officer) be drawn unto the love of Your Son and may His protecting hand be upon all officers.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.  

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