Praying for the Kansas City (KS) Police Dept. in the on-duty murder of Detective Brad Lancaster

May 9, 2016
8:05 PM pst

Our God of Mercy, the men and women of law enforcement in Kansas City need a special touch from the Master’s Hand as they mourn the loss of Detective Brad Lancaster.  O’ Lord, we ask for Your mercies to be abundant upon them as they must cope with the loss of their dear friend and co-worker.  Lord, we ask Your Glorious Presence to me made ever so real to the law enforcement officers and their families in and around Kansas City as this loss is eve r so great to them.  May Your grace, Your presence and Your Holy Spirit surround the family of Detective Brad Lancaster as they are in shock and dismay at this tragic loss.  May Your love, grace, peace, mercy and comfort touch the hearts and minds of every member of the Kansas City Police Department.  We are so grateful that the suspect is in custody and ask for Your Holy Spirit to fill the investigators with wisdom as they piece together this very difficult crime scene.  Continue to grant wisdom to the investigators to gather all of the facts.  As we know the long-term emotional and spiritual trauma that can result from incidents like these, we ask for Your abundant mercies to touch those officers who have been so deeply affected and sustain them with Your loving kindness.  O’ Lord, we know there are so many broken hearts right now.  We also know because You’ve experienced loss and grief, you know how to comfort each person individually.  May Your Presence be made real to everyone’s heart and spirit.  Draw them close to Your Side and may many sense Your Love carrying them through this difficult time.  May you use this to cause many officers, family members and friends to search their hearts.  And if any are uncertain about their destination in eternity, may they know that You are the Author of Life, the Bread of Life and their Living Water.  Draw all to Your Side those who need Your love and Presence by the power of Your Holy Spirit.  May many receive You into their hearts and receive forgiveness of sin.  May You bring about good from this tragedy, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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