Praying for a wounded Missouri State Trooper and an injured New Hampshire State Trooper

May 22, 2016
9:45 AM pst

Our Gracious Lord, with boldness and thanksgiving, we come before Your Throne of Grace to seek your mercy and grace upon two more of Your servants wounded and injured in the line of duty.  We are ever so grateful that because of Your loving kindness and mercy, the lives of these peacemakers were spared.  We therefore  lift up a wounded Missouri State Trooper who was shot in the line of duty and a New Hampshire Trooper who was struck by a car.  Lord, we seek Your mercies and healing power to touch their injuries.  May Your wisdom descend upon all of the medical personnel and fill them with wisdom and insight to be able to properly treat their injuries and bring about a full recovery.  May Your grace be shed abundantly on these two servants and may Your Holy Spirit draw them ever so close to Your side to be comforted.  May these servants sense Your divine presence carrying them through this very emotional time.  May You also supernaturally touch the families of these wounded/injured peacemakers and draw them ever so close to Your Side.  As we know traumatic incidents like these can leave emotional scars, we seek Your grace to be abundantly poured out on these servants and prevent them from enduring any short term or long term emotional trauma.  May You grant the investigators in New Hampshire wisdom to be able to locate and arrest that hit and run suspect.   We ask You Lord, to use these incidents to draw many unto Your side.  May Your amazing grace, love, peace and mercy touch and uplift the families of these wounded/injured troopers.  We also seek Your grace and peace to touch the men and women of both the Missouri State Police and New Hampshire State Police and grant them peace.  May these wounded/injured officers and any of their co-workers be drawn to Your Son in whom there is forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.  And if any officer may have been in a backslidden state, may You call them back unto Your side where they can find forgiveness and restoration.  Continue to protect every peace officer across America and abroad with Your Mighty Shield.  May You forever be our Rock and Fortress, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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