Praying for two wounded Harris County (TX) Deputy Constables

May 29, 2016
7:00 PM pst

Our Gracious Lord, on this Memorial Day week-end, we are so very thankful for Your Hands of mercy and protection upon these two deputies by saving their lives from this extremely deadly encounter.  For this reason, it is with deep hearts of gratitude that we come before Your Throne of Grace.  O’ Lord, as we lift up these two deputies into Your Arms of Love, we ask You to touch their heart, mind and spirit as they are recovering from their wounds.  Thank you, Lord, for the invention of the Kevlar vest as it has once again, saved the life of another peacemaker  As the news reports both deputies have been treated and released, we ask You to continue to grant the doctor's wisdom to treat their wounds as needed and bring about a full recovery. As we know that whenever a peace officer must use deadly force and take the life of another, they experience and abundance of emotional trauma that affects individuals in many different ways.  And as the Houston SWAT team was forced to use deadly force, we ask You to pour out Your grace, peace, mercy, comfort, love and presence upon them and upon both of these wounded deputies.  May you grant the investigators wisdom and insight as they piece together all of the details of this incident in which two lives were lost and six others injured. May Your mercies and grace extend to the men and women of the Harris County Constables office and the Houston Police Department as we know incidents like these can affect many co-workers—both civilian and sworn.   We also ask for Your grace, comfort and presence to touch the families/spouses of these deputies who are often emotionally traumatized at the near loss of their loved one.  May Your Holy Spirit gently settle upon the heart, mind and spirit of both of these wounded deputies and may they sense Your sweet Presence carrying them through this difficult and emotional time.  Lord, we ask You to raise up chaplains and other Godly officers to share Your love and peace with these deputies, their families and any other officer or deputy who may be struggling with this incident.  May You remind those struggling to seek your Grace and to cast their cares on You for You will always sustain them.  May You draw them unto Your side where they can know Your intimate love and peace found only in Your Son, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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