Praying for a wounded Warren County (OH) Sheriff's Deputy and seriously injured Burke County (NC) Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Cobb

June 10, 2016
7:20 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven,  We again come into Your presence, Lord, to lift up two more of Your peacemakers injured and wounded in the line of duty.  Lord, we first come boldly before Your Throne of Grace to lift up seriously injured Burke County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Cobb.  We ask Your amazing grace and mercies to be upon him as he is being treated in a hospital from his involvement in this on-duty collision.  May You provide the correct medical specialists to utilize their experience and training to identify his injuries and then apply the correct treatment to bring about a full recovery.   May Your grace, peace, love, mercies and comfort settle upon him and sustain him with Your presence.  We next lift up a wounded Warren County Sheriff's Deputy into Your Presence and ask for Your healing touch to continue to be upon him and restore him to full health.  As the news reports he has been treated and released from the hospital, we are so thankful for Your Hands of Protection to have been upon him and for sparing his life.  O’ Lord, we know these incidents will forever affect many and therefore ask for Your mercies to extend to the many co-workers of these injured peacemakers with the Warren County Sheriff's Department and the Burke County Sheriff's Department.  May Your peace and comfort especially settle upon the families of both of these injured/wounded peace officers and uphold them with Your Amazing Grace.  May You grant the investigators who are investigating each of these incidents with wisdom to be able to gather the facts surrounding these incidents.  Lord, in the coming days, may You raise up Godly officers, friends or chaplains to minister Your love to the many law enforcement officers, friends and family members so deeply affected by these near tragedies.  May these incident draw many ever so close to Your side where there is amazing grace and peace.  And if any deputy or family member does not know Your forgiveness and love, may You use these life-threatening situations to draw many close to Your side where there is never ending love and peace.  May many come to receive Your Son into their hearts, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
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