Praying for a wounded Louisville (KY) Police Officer

June 11, 2016
11:55 PM pst

Our Father in Heaven, we come into Your Presence, Lord, to lift up a wounded Louisville Police Officer before Your Throne of Grace.  As the news reports indicate he was saved because of his Kevlar and that his wound was not life-threatening, we ask You to give the medical doctors wisdom and insight to properly treat him and restore him to full health.  As this wounded officer’s family and friends are likely at his side, may Your love, grace, peace, mercy and comfort settle upon them and draw them ever so close to Your Side.  And as a massive search is underway for the suspect who tried to kill one of Your servants, may You, Lord, prevent the suspect from using his weapon and may you allow the law enforcement officers to locate and apprehend him quickly.  May your grace, peace and mercies extend to every law enforcement officer involved in this search and may Your angels encamp around them to keep them safe in Your loving arms.  Lord, we also ask for Your grace, peace, mercies and comfort to settle upon the family members of every officer involved in this search.  May they know that Your word says that as Your servant David prayed to You, You faithfully answered him, and freed him from all his fears.  So Lord, may many friends and Louisville law enforcement officers seek Your grace, protection and mercies as they continue to search for this suspect.  In the midst of this near tragedy, may Your mercies touch many law enforcement officers and draw them unto the Love of Your Son in whom there is forgiveness and everlasting life.  May your name be glorified and may the suspect also find forgiveness and eternal life in Your son.  Continue to protect Your servants as they search for the suspect, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.  

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