Praying for the Patton Village (TX) Police Dept. in the on-duty fatality of Sgt. Stacy Baumgartner

June 20, 2016
9:50 AM pst

O Lord, Our hearts are deep with sorrow as we join the men and women of the Patton Village Police Dept. as they mourn the loss of Sgt. Stacy Baumgartner from this traffic collision on Father’s Day.  Lord, we know it is only Your grace and mercy that can uphold them through this very difficult time of grief.  May your love, grace, peace and mercies especially settle upon Sgt. Baumgartner’s family as they are in obvious shock and dismay at the sudden loss—especially on Father’s Day.  May those grieving and mourning ever so greatly be drawn to Your side and know that the Lord will be a refuge for the oppressed and a refuge in times of trouble. May those who know You personally continue to put their trust in You to carry them through this difficult time.  And may many know that the Lord will not forsake those who seek You.  May you grant the investigators insight and wisdom to gather all of the facts from this pursuit and collision.  May Your healing power and mercies be with the family in the other vehcile and uphold them in this tragic loss of a young boy. May you use this incident as a training aid to many law enforcement officers in order to prevent other similar incidents.  As the Patton Village Police Dept. must now prepare to say farewell to Sgt. Stacy Baumgartner in the next week, may many law enforcement officers, friends, co-workers and family members be drawn to Your side and may many come to know eternal salvation is found only in Your Son.  This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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