Praying for critically wounded Folcroft (PA) Police Officer Christopher Dorman

June 24, 2016
9:35 PM pst

Our Father in Heaven, We again come into thy presence to lift up another one of Your servants critically wounded in the line of duty.  Lord, as the news reports indicate he has already undergone surgery, we are so grateful for Your hands of mercy to have been upon this officer and for sparing his life.  We ask You, Lord, to be with the medical professionals and ask You to continue to grant them wisdom and insight in order to effectively diagnose, treat and heal his wounds and restore him to full health. We are so thankful that after a massive search, the suspect responsible for this attack was apprehended.¬† We know incidents like this can cause stress not only upon the wounded officers, but upon his co-workers and especially his family and therefore seek Your grace, peace, comfort, and mercy to be upon all of them. May You use this incident to draw many ever so close to Your side.  May Your grace be poured out upon Officer Dorman, his family, co-workers and local law enforcement community.  May You use this near-tragedy to cause many to search their hearts and seek You to fill any emptiness in their souls.  May Your mercies and comfort also settle upon the many other law enforcement officer and paramedics who were at that scene working so feverishly to save Officer Dorman.  Thank you, Lord, for sparing his life.  May Your Presence continue to touch his body and soul.   And if he does not know You personally, may he come to know You to be his Hope and Confidence and that You will always be a Strong Refuge and the Lifter of his soul.  May Your mercy, grace and peace touch the hearts of every Folcroft police officer.  May You, Lord, use this near death experience to bring many officers and family members not only close to You, but also close to each other.  May many be drawn unto Your side and be given an opportunity to personally know Your Son, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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