Praying for three injured Georgia State Police Troopers

June 26, 2016
3:20 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven, it is with a deep heart of gratitude that we come before Your wonderful Throne of Grace to thank You for sparing the lives of these three Troopers who were involved a violent confrontation with a suspect.  As the news reports indicate that these Troopers have non life-threatening injuries and are being treated at a hospital, we ask You to pour out Your Holy Spirit upon them and draw them ever so close to Your Side.  May Your grace, mercy, and comfort settle upon them as they are being treated for their injuries.  May You grant the medical doctors with wisdom and insight to properly identify and treat them bringing about a full recovery.  And as we know deadly encounters like these can cause short term or long term emotional trauma, may You amazing grace be made ever so real to these troopers and preserve their hearts and minds in Your mercy and love.  May You grant the investigators wisdom as they investigate this incident.  Most importantly, Lord, may Your peace that passes all understanding supernaturally descend upon Your injured peacemakers for we know this incident will forever be etched into their hearts and minds.  And as their families are rallying about them to support them through this ordeal, may they intimately know that You will are the Way, the Truth and the Life and that no man can come to the Father but through You.  So, Lord, may Your Loving Presence be made known to the entire Georgia State Police and especially every trooper who was involved in that traumatic encounter.  And if any trooper is struggling emotionally or spiritually, may You raise up a Godly Trooper or Chaplain to share Your love, grace, peace and mercy.  And if any Trooper does not know You, may they know that Now is the day of Salvation, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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