Praying for two Kansas City (MO) Police Officers injured in an on-duty collision

June 27, 2016
3:00 PM pst

Our merciful Lord, We come boldly into Your presence seeking Your mercies and grace for these two Kansas City Police Officers injured in an on-duty collision.  As the news reports their conditions are not life-threatening, we know that could mean that one or both officers could still have sustained some serious injuries.  We therefore ask You to continue to guide the doctors and entire medical staff and grant them extraordinary wisdom and insight to properly and effectively treat both officers injuries.  May Your grace, peace, mercy, love and comfort settle upon both injured officers and especially their families as they are at their sides supporting them at this very emotional time.  As we also know many officers and other family members are rallying to support these injured officers, may they know that they can take solace that You are in control.  May These injured officers be strong and take heart—may they forever place their Hope and Trust in You.  O’ Lord, make Your presence supernaturally known to both injured officers and may they know You will never leave them nor forsake them.  And as this collision between two on-duty police vehicles in under investigation, we know an officer made an error in judgment and will likely be disciplined.  Therefore Lord, use this as a training aid to this officer and many others.  We ask that Your angels would encamp around these injured officers and sustain them with Your everlasting love.  May Your Face shine upon them and may they, and every officer and family member be strong and take heart—may they forever place their hope and trust in You as You carry them through this difficult time.  May you raise up godly officers, chaplains and others to support these injured officers and family members.  May many be drawn to Your Son in whom there is everlasting life.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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