Praying for an injured Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Police officer intentionally struck during a pursuit

July 24, 2016
1:55 AM pst

Our Merciful Father, it is with deep hearts of thanksgiving that we come before Your Wonderful Throne of Grace as we lift up an injured Cuyahoga Falls Police officer into Your Arms of Love.  As the news reports indicate this officer did not suffer life-threatening injuries, we ask You to pour out Your Amazing Grace upon this officer as he is being treated at a local hospital.  We ask you to grant the medical staff wisdom to be able to identify any trauma and apply the correct treatment to bring about a full recovery.  We especially seek the power and presence of Your Holy Spirit to touch the family of this injured officer who are likely at his side loving and supporting him through this traumatic encounter.  We also ask You to pour out Your Love and Grace upon every law enforcement officer involved in that dangerous pursuit in which many officers were placed in harm’s way.   May each officer sense Your sweet presence carrying them through this very trying ordeal.  We also want to lift this suspect before Your Throne of Grace and ask You to reveal to him Your love and forgiveness.  As we know traumatic incidents like these can cause short term or long term emotional issues, we ask for Your grace to touch the hearts and spirits of these officers and prevent them from enduring any emotional trauma in the future.  Finally Lord, if any Cuyahoga Falls Police officer does not know Your love and forgiveness, may they know they may have eternal life in Your Son Your word says to, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  So, Lord, may many find rest in the love of Your Son, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen. 

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