Praying for wounded Gladstone (OR) Police Sergeant Lee Jundt saved by his vest

August 9, 2016
8:25 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven, As we again come before your Throne of Grace, we are ever so grateful to You Lord for sparing the life of another one of Your Peacemakers— Sgt. Lee Jundt.  We are so very thankful his wound was not serious as his vest saved his life.  Nonetheless, we lift him into Your Presence and ask for Your mercy and grace to be upon him as he is being treated at a local hospital.  May Your healing power be upon him and may You grant the doctor’s wisdom and insight to be able to diagnose any trauma and then render the correct treatment to allow this officer a full recovery.  As we know SWAT members later had to use deadly force wounding the suspect who was holding hostages, we ask You to pour out Your grace all involved and sustain them with Your Holy Spirit.  So Lord, may Your grace, peace, and mercy settle Sgt. Lee Jundt’s hearts and mind and sustain him with Your arms of love as he comes to grips with this near-death encounter.  May You pour out Your grace upon his mind and spirit and may You prevent him from enduring the emotional effects of this incident.  May You especially touch Sgt. Lee Jundt’s family as they rally around him at this very challenging time.  May You grant the investigators in Oregon wisdom and insight to gather all of the facts in this investigation.  May Your amazing presence especially be made ever so real to the men and women of the Gladstone Police Department as we know incidents like these can affect many co-workers.  May You use this near-death experience to speak to the hearts of the officers involved in this incident and draw them unto Your Side.  May they sense a need for Your Presence in their lives.  May many other officers and co-workers be drawn to the love of Your Son.  May the men and women of the Gladstone Police Department know that Your Word says, “Come to me all who labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest.” May You raise up chaplains and other Godly officers to be available to pray with their co-workers and point them to Your Son in whom there is forgiveness and everlasting life, in the name of Jesus Christ we Pray, Amen.
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