Praying for a Milwaukee (WI) Police Officer struck in the head with a brick

August 14, 2016
6:05 AM pst

Dear Lord, as law enforcement officers, we thank you that You are wonderful, that You are our Counselor, our Mighty God, our Everlasting Father, and our Prince of Peace. We, as law enforcement officers, thank you, Lord, for the privilege to be used as Your instruments of righteousness, to serve every person in America—regardless of their background or heritage. Lord, we come boldly before your Throne of Grace to lift up the entire Milwaukee Police Department as they seek to do their jobs as peacemakers for their community.  As it is reported a Milwaukee officer was struck in the head with a brick, we ask You to pour out Your Amazing Grace on this officer and preserve his heart and mind in Christ.  May his injuries be minor and may You grant the medical doctors wisdom to diagnose and treat his injuries to bring about a full recovery.  May Your Presence touch this officers heart and mind to be drawn ever so close to Your Side where there is endless mercy and grace.  As evidenced by the attacks on your servants these past few days across America, the loss of just one officer, Lord, is too much to bear at any time, yet there are thousands of officers across America who (even right now) will encounter shootings, fights, pursuits, ambushes, evil, and danger. Lord, we are so grateful that Your Word has acknowledged that when a man or woman becomes a law enforcement officer, he/she has accepted a divine appointment from YOU to serve the people of his/her community, state, or country. So, Lord, we lift up the entire Milwaukee law enforcement community and ask Your blessings and mercy upon them. We ask for Your hands of love to grip them; Your arms of strength to embrace them; Your legs of might to uphold them; Your eyes of kindness to watch them; and Your mind of infinite wisdom to guide them. Grant their administrators and community leaders wisdom to intervene with Your guidance and grace to bring about immediate peace. More than anything, Lord, if any of those law enforcement officers do not know You personally, may Your Holy Spirit sweetly settle upon them on-duty, off-duty, or wherever they go. May You draw them close to Your heart, where there is endless mercy and grace. May You be with the heart, spirit, soul, and mind of every Milwaukee law enforcement officer and may You, Lord, forever protect them from any future emotional trauma. May they know, without a doubt, You will never leave them nor forsake them, for You will always be their Shield and their Strong Tower against all enemies. This we ask in the precious and glorious name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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