Praying for the Navajo Nation (AZ) Police in the on-duty traffic fatality of Officer Leander Frank

August 31, 2016
10:00 AM pst

Our Merciful Father, Our hearts are broken as we grieve with the men and women of the Navajo Nation Police Department in the tragic death of Officer Leander Frank.  O’ Lord, we ask for Your Presence and Grace to be with them as they cope with this loss of a dear friend and co-worker.  Lord, this tragedy is even greater for this agency as just over a year ago, they had two colleagues shot in the line of duty of which one lost his life.  So Lord, may Your grace, mercy and eternal comfort especially touch the family of this fallen officer as they are obviously heartbroken at this loss.  As we know several others were injured in this collision, we ask for Your healing touch to be upon them, too, and restore them to full health.  As we know traumatic incidents like these can deeply affect many co-workers, we ask for Your grace and mercies to especially touch their hearts and minds and fill them with Your Holy Spirit.  May Your peace that passes all understanding touch the many co-workers at the Navajo Nation Police Department and uphold them with Your arms of Love and comfort.  May You grant the traffic investigators wisdom to investigate this collision.  May You raise up Chaplains, Godly officers and friends to be a light to those who are in pain.  May they know that on any day of trouble, that they may call upon You for Your Word says You will never leave us nor forsake us.  May You also cause anyone who may have fallen away from You to be drawn ever so close to You once again.  May many have an opportunity to receive You into their hearts for the forgiveness of sins and gain eternal life with You, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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