Praying for seriously injured Texas Dept. of Public Safety Trooper Chad Blackburn struck by a drunk driver

September 6, 2016
12:50 AM pst

Our Father in Heaven,  For the second time this week, we lift into Your presence  another Texas law enforcement officer involved in an on-duty collision, DPS Trooper Chad Blackburn who was struck by a drunk driver.  O’ Lord, as reported in the news, this trooper suffered serious injuries to his spine, spleen and lungs and has already undergone surgery.  We are so thankful that is was by Your mercies and grace that You spared this troopers life.  We are also so thankful that he was quickly treated and taken to a trauma center and ask You to continue to grant the medical professionals wisdom to be able to render proper treatment and care and so that the trooper may be fully restored.  May Your mercies extend to the many other troopers, paramedics, firefighters and citizens who rendered aid to this injured trooper.  May Your peace and comfort especially settle upon the family of Trooper Blackburn as they are at his side supporting and loving him through this very emotional time.  May Your grace and mercies be with the female driver who caused this collision while driving under the influence.  Although she must face man’s judgment for this crime, we also ask You to draw her close to Your Side where she may know the love of Jesus personally.  Lord, in the coming days, may You raise up Godly troopers, friends or chaplains to continue to minister Your love to the many state troopers, friends and family members so deeply affected by this near tragedy.  May this incident draw many close to Your side where there is amazing grace and peace.  May Your word dwell richly in the hearts of so many as follows, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction…”   And if any trooper or family member does not know Your forgiveness and love, may You use this life-threatening situation to draw many close to Your side where there is never ending love and peace.  May many come to receive Your Son into their hearts, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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