Praying for the McCrory (AR) Police Department in the on-duty fatality of Officer Robert Aaron Barker

September 15, 2016
11:35 PM pst

Our Father in Heaven, the death of Officer Barker is the sixth vehicle-related on-duty collision just in the past two weeks.  And so, Lord, again, we come before you today, Lord, this time to lift up the men and women of the McCrory Police Department who are grieving the death of their co-worker and friend, Officer Robert Aaron Barker.  May your peace and grace touch their hearts and minds and may Your Holy Spirit draw them so very close to your side where there is abundant mercies to carry them through this difficult time.  We especially lift up Officer Barker’s family who are in shock, mourning and grieving ever so greatly.  May your hands of love and mercy tightly wrap around every family member.  May the entire McCrory Police Department and every family member come to intimately know that You will always be their Rock, Fortress and Deliverer—and that You will always be their God and their Rock in whom they can always take refuge.  May they know that as they call to You in their distress, You will always hear them.  Lord, as similar hazards continue every day, we lift up every law enforcement officer in America who drives a motorcycle or vehicle on duty as we know the tremendous hazards they face every day.  As we know that so many are in harms ways every day, we ask for your hand of protection to be upon them and constantly protect them in any situation while on the roads. Protect them at all times from all harm, danger and evil. Finally Lord, as this small, close-knit police department must now prepare a final farewell to one of their own, may You use this as an opportunity to draw many ever so close to the cross of Christ.  Lord, we ask You to continue to uphold the family and friends of Officer Barker and may many be given an opportunity receive you into their hearts as their Savior and Lord, this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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