Praying for a seriously wounded Kingman (AZ) Police Officer

September 29, 2016
11:55 PM pst

Our Gracious Lord, We come into Your presence to thank You for sparing the life of a Kingman Police Officer.   May Your grace and mercies be upon his entire body as he is now recovering after undergoing surgery.   Lord, we ask for grace and peace to settle upon the heart of this officer who nearly lost his life and ask You to draw him ever so close to Your side and grant him peace in his heart and mind.  May You especially be with this officer’s family who are rallying at his side supporting him at this very emotional time.  May You draw this officer and his family ever so close to each other in the bonds of love.  May Your grace and endless mercies touch the many other officers, fire-fighters and paramedics who responded to this very difficult scene.  O’ Lord, continue to guide the doctor’s hands and minds so that they may continue to effectively treat this officer and bring about a full recovery.  And even as the officers at that incident had to use deadly force in which the suspect lost his life, we know those officers have been deeply emotionally challenged.  May You touch their hearts and minds and draw them unto Your side where they may find comfort and peace.  May Your peace that passes all understanding touch the men and women of the Kingman Police Department.  As we know the memory of incidents and images like this can cause long term emotional trauma for law enforcement officers, we ask for your amazing peace, mercy, grace and comfort to settle upon their minds and spirits and prevent them from having to endure any detrimental effects from this incident.  And if any law enforcement officer, family member or friend may be struggling in their heart and mind over the circumstances surrounding this fatal encounter, may they be drawn ever so close to Your side to experience Your peace that passes all understanding.  May these word of David as found in the Psalms resonate in their heart, ”This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.”  Lastly, if anyone is uncertain about eternity, may they be drawn to the love of Your son in whom there is everlasting life.  May many come to know Jesus in a personal way, this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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