Praying for a wounded Willcox (AZ) Police Officer shot in his Kevlar vest

October 1, 2016
6:00 AM pst

Our Gracious Lord, unto You, we come with hearts of thanksgiving and praise to thank You for sparing the life of another one of Your peacemakers in Willcox.  We are so thankful he was wearing his Kevlar vest which saved him.  As we know this officer will likely be sore, may You to continue to bless the medical staff with supernatural wisdom and insight to be able to diagnose and treat any residual trauma to allow for a full recovery.  As we know this life-threatening incident affected not only this officer and his partner, but likely affected many other law enforcement officers and first responders, we, therefore, seek Your grace and peace to settle upon their hearts and minds and may You draw them ever so close to Your side for comfort.  May Your peace that passes all understanding especially touch the wounded officer and his partner who was forced to use deadly force.  May these officers intimately know the task that they performed today, as difficult as it may have been, was a task sanctioned and authorized by the God of the Universe.  Lord, may Your grace touch these officers hearts and souls to know they were acting as your servants of righteousness for good and that only those bent on evil need to fear them.  So Lord, we also seek Your amazing grace to also touch the families of both Willcox officers as they love and support them through this very emotional time.  We also seek Your comfort upon the men and women of the Willcox Police Department.  Lord, may Your Holy Spirit intervene upon anyone in America and abroad who may try to harm any of Your peacemakers and may You thwart these life-threatening attacks.  May You fill every law enforcement officer with supernatural wisdom and insight to always remain vigilant and safe and to always use sound tactics.  May You raise up citizens to additionally come to the aid of any law enforcement officer in need and keep them safe from all harm.  Finally Lord, may You reveal Your love to any Willcox Police officer or family member who does not know Your love and may they have an opportunity to receive Him for the forgiveness of sins and obtain eternal life.  In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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