Praying for a wounded Tucson (AZ) Police Officer

October 25, 2016
7:45 AM pst


Our Gracious Lord, It is to You we give thanks and praise for again sparing the life of another one of Your servants.  Lord, we know that whenever someone tries to harm any law enforcement officer, it is because they are rebelling against what You established long ago.  Lord, we therefore come before Your Throne of Grace to lift up this wounded Tucson Police Officer into Your Healing Arms and ask for Your touch to be upon his heart, mind and physical body as he will obviously have indelible marks left on his body and mind as a reminder of this near death experience.  Lord, we thank you for sparing his life.  May You grant the doctors and medical staff continued wisdom and insight to treat and fully heal his grazing  wound.  May Your grace extend to the many friends and co-workers of this wounded officer and draw them all so very close to Your side.  Lord, we are thankful this officer and his co-workers were able to protect themselves by returning fire.  Lord, because of this, we ask for Your grace, peace and mercies to settle upon their hearts and minds and prevent any of them from enduring any long-term emotional trauma.  As the Tucson Police have seen their share of attacks upon their officers, we ask for an extra measure of Your Grace upon them to protect them at all times.  Surround every officer with Your angels.  May you also grant this wounded officer’s family wisdom and peace to support him through any difficult days he may have ahead of him.  May they all be drawn ever so close to Your side and sense Your sweet presence in his time of need.  May this wounded officer, co-workers and his family members come to know Your endless love and grace in a very real and personal way.  May Your amazing grace and Presence descend upon the entire Tucson Police Department as they cope with the near loss of a friend and colleague.  May Your grace especially be with his co-workers who may be struggling spiritually and emotionally with this near-death experience.  May Your endless love be made real in their lives and may they be drawn unto Your Son, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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