Praying for two seriously injured Police Officers from Scotland intentionally stuck by a vehicle

October 26, 2016
9:55 PM pst

Our Father in Heaven,  We come with sincere hearts of gratitude and praise to thank You for sparing the lives of these two Police Officer in Scotland as reports indicate this occurred during a traffic stop.  We therefore come boldly before Your Throne of Grace to seek Your grace, presence, peace and mercy to be upon these officers as they are being treated at a hospital.  As the female officer is listed in serious condition, we ask You to grant the medical doctors wisdom to treat her injuries and restore her to full health.  May you also be with the male officer and may your healing touch be upon him, too.  Lord, as both officers’ families are likely surrounding their loved ones at this emotional time, may You surround them with Your loving presence and draw them close to Your Side.  May Your amazing grace touch the hearts and minds of both officers and may they sense Your Holy Spirit sustaining him.   May You grant the law enforcement officers supernatural wisdom to be able to locate and safely apprehend the suspects who tried to murder two of Your servants.  May You cause the suspects minds to be confused.  And if these suspects might be armed, may You prevent them from using their weapons against any law enforcement officers.   May You cause the suspects to either be located swiftly; be spotted by witnesses or to surrender peacefully.  May You surround every law enforcement officer with Your supernatural Shield of protection.  As we know incidents like this can cause short term and long term emotional trauma, we ask for Your Amazing Grace to touch the hearts of many officers and keep them ever so close to Your side to prevent them from enduring such emotional trauma.  May You continue to touch the heart and mind of these injured officers and may You surround them with Your angels.  May every law enforcement officer involved in this search be strong in the Lord and in His Mighty Power.  May Your words ring true in their hearts, “for in the day of trouble, He will keep you safe in His Dwelling.” May You use this near-death experience to cause many officers to fervently pray to You.  May You cause any officers who have strayed from Your path to re-commit their lives to You once again.  And may many officers who do not know You be given an opportunity to know that now is the acceptable time, that now is the day of salvation.  Continue to supernaturally protect them.  Hear of prayer O’ Lord and pour out Your mercy and grace upon every law enforcement officer in Scotland involved in this search.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.   

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