Praying for the Rusk County (WI) Sheriff’s Department in the on-duty murder of Deputy Dan Glaze

October 30, 2016
5:10 PM pst

O’ Lord, we seek Your divine intervention upon the men and women of the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department as they are in shock at the murder of their dear friend and co-worker, Deputy Dan Glaze.  As we seek Your mercies for the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department, we ask You to be a Fortress and an ever present help to the entire sheriff’s department as they come to grips with this tragic loss.  And as Deputy Glaze’s family members and friends are just coming to grips with this loss and are in shock, may Your Holy Spirit wrap Your arms of love around them to be their rock and fortress and carry them through this time of loss.  Lord, empower the investigators with wisdom and insight to investigate this tragedy and gather all of the facts and evidence surrounding this incident.  And as we know there are those across America who are being prompted and supported by those in high places to attack Your peacemakers, we ask for Your supernatural power to begin to change the hearts and minds of millions of those who hate Your peacemakers and draw them into Your arms of love and forgiveness.  As we know there are those planning and/or who may spontaneously attack Your servants, we ask You to surround every peacemaker in America with Your Protecting Hands.  May You instill wisdom in the heart of every law enforcement officer to supernaturally sense when danger is present.  Finally, as the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department must now begin to prepare a final farewell for their fallen comrade, may You use this to draw attention to those in high places to outwardly and verbally support and defend Your peacemakers across America.  And if anyone from the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department or any allied law enforcement officers are struggling emotionally or spiritually, may they know they can cast their cares upon YOU for we know YOU intimately care for them.  May You raise up Godly officers, chaplains and others to be a beacon of Your Love and may many be drawn to Your Side and experience Your Peace that passes all understanding.  May many come to receive You as their Savior and Lord as a result of this tragic loss, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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