Praying for wounded Dewey County (OK) Sheriff Clay Sander shot during the apprehension of homicide fugitive Michael Vance

October 31, 2016
12:25 AM pst

  Our Father in Heaven, we are so grateful for your hand of protection to have been  upon these countless law enforcement officers in Oklahoma who were involved in the apprehension of homicide fugitive Michael Vance.  We, therefore, come with hearts of gratitude as we lift up Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander before Your Throne of Grace as he is in a hospital recovering from his wounds.  May your peace and grace touch his heart, mind and soul as he endured this deadly encounter with this armed fugitive.  As we know multiple law enforcement officers were involved in this shootout with the suspect, may Your peace, mercy, presence and comfort be with every law enforcement officer and grant them amazing peace in their hearts.  May Your grace especially be with the families of every officer and grant them mercy as they support them through the experiences of this deadly encounter.  May your peace and grace also extend to the co-workers of these officers as they reach out to support each other during this very emotional time.  May You grant wisdom and insight to the investigators as they piece together the facts of this deadly encounter.  Most importantly Lord, may your peace be revealed to every law enforcement officer involved in that shooting incident—especially to those who do not know Your Son in a personal way.  May they and many others come to know the Love of Jesus Christ in a real and tangible way.  May many have an opportunity to receive You into their hearts.  May your grace sustain every law enforcement officer in the days and weeks to come and prevent them enduring any short-term or long-term emotional trauma that often follows these types of life-altering incidents.  Finally Lord, we thank you again for protecting Your peacemakers who are Your servants of righteousness.  We praise you and honor you Lord for your endless mercies for these officers and the officers across America.  This we ask in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen..

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