Praying for seriously wounded Metro-Nashville (TN) Police Officer Josh Baker

March 12, 2021
1:10 PM pst

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Our Lord Jesus, we come boldly into Your Presence to lift up seriously wounded Metro-Nashville Police Officer Josh Baker. As the news reports indicate he has already undergone surgery, we ask you, Lord, to fill the hearts and minds of the treating doctors and other medical professionals with wisdom and insight in order to continue to effectively treat and completely restore him to full health. O’ Lord, we are ever so grateful to You for sparing his life. May Your Holy Spirit guide the doctors and bring about a full recovery. We are also so thankful the suspect has been taken into custody although she has since died. As the family of this Officer Baker are at his side, may they intimately know your love, grace, peace, mercy, comfort and most of all Your Presence carrying them through this very emotional time. As we know this attempted murder of Officer Baker has affected many co-workers, may Your amazing grace and comfort extend to the men and women of the entire Metro-Nashville Police Department who we know are deeply concerned for their friend and co-worker. May your peace that passes all understanding guard the hearts and minds of every officer in Tennessee and across America. May You grant the investigators wisdom to be able to piece together all of the facts surrounding this attack. May the members of the Metro-Nashville Police Department and allied law enforcement agencies be granted an extra measure of Your Grace and Mercy to sustain them as they love and support each other and the family of Officer Baker at this emotional time. And as we know incidents like this can cause emotional trauma to the officers involved in that incident, we ask you, Lord, to send your endless mercies to your wounded peacemaker and the other officers who were present and preserve their hearts and minds in Your love and grace from having to endure any short-term or long-term emotional trauma. May every law enforcement officer know Your word says to, “Cast all your cares on the Lord for He cares for you.” May Officer Baker and many other law enforcement officers be drawn unto the peace found in Your Son and may they have an opportunity to know the Love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and receive him as Savior and Lord. If anyone has a desire to know God personally, may they click this link here to know more: Finally, If Officer Baker does not know You, may You raise up Godly officers and chaplains to reach out and share Your love with him, this was ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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