Praying for the Jefferson Davis County (MS) Sheriff’s Dept. in the on-duty fatality of Deputy Pat Barnes

April 12, 2021
9:15 PM pst

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Our Merciful Lord, this week has been especially tough for law enforcement across America. Our hearts are again broken as we mourn with the men and women of the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff's Department in this tragic loss of one of Deputy Pat Barnes. Lord, we come boldly yet humbly into Your presence, again, to ask for Your amazing mercies, grace and peace to settle upon the entire Jefferson Davis County Sheriff's Department as they are in shock from this tragic loss. As we know the hearts of so many are grieving deeply, we ask for Your presence to made known in their hearts and minds and may they be drawn ever so close to Your side and sense Your peace for we know You are the God of all Comfort. May Your awesome presence, grace, mercy, love and comfort especially touch the family of Deputy Barnes who are grieving and mourning greatly. May You grant the investigators wisdom and insight in order to reconstruct the collision and to determine the facts. May You raise up chaplains, Godly deputies and others to be an example of Your spiritual strength in this very difficult loss. Lord, as we know many co-workers and friends are feeling this terrible loss in their heart, we know You are the healer of the broken-hearted for Your Word says that you will always be a, “shield about us and the Lifter of our Head.” Lord, as we know so many are experiencing this difficult loss of a friend, we ask for Your presence to be made known in a way that only You can design. And as the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff's Department will now be preparing a final farewell in the days to come, may You cause many law enforcement officers, friends and family members to be drawn unto the love of Your Son who said, “Peace I leave you, my peace I give you.” May You use this tragic loss to draw many unto the love of Your Son in whom there is forgiveness and everlasting life, this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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