Praying for the Selbyville (DE) Fire-Police Department in the on-duty fatality of Fire-Police Officer Laura Madara

April 13, 2021
8:50 AM pst

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Our Father in Heaven, Our hearts are heavy as we join with the men and women of the Selbyville Fire-Police Department in mourning the tragic death of Fire-Police Officer Laura Madara. Lord, as exemplified by this sudden tragedy, no one knows what their day will bring while on-duty. We, therefore, come into Your presence Lord to lift up the men and women of the Selbyville Fire-Police Department as they grieve this sudden loss. May Your grace touch every member of the Selbyville Fire-Police Department and surrounding agencies and sustain them with Your unending love. May You especially be close to the family of Officer Madara and hold them ever so close in Your arms of love, grace, peace and mercies. As the law enforcement/fire community and family members walk through this dark valley, may they rest in Your Shadow at all times and may they bask in Your comfort and Presence as You carry them through his very difficult time of loss. May Your mercies and comfort touch those who were at that scene and draw them unto Your side to know Your peace and grace. May You use this tragedy to draw many firefighters, law enforcement officers, friends and family members unto Your side where they may come to know Your love in a real and personal way. And as the Selbyville Fire-Police Department must now prepare to say a final farewell to Officer Madara may You raise up Godly officers, chaplains and friends to share the love of Jesus Christ with those so deeply hurting. Grant the investigators wisdom gather the facts surrounding this collision. May you take this tragedy and bring about good to others. Lastly, as many will be attending the final farewell service in the coming weeks, may You open hearts and many receive You as their Savior and Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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