Praying for the Kern County (CA) Sheriff’s Department in the on-duty murder of a deputy and for a second seriously wounded deputy

Praying for the Kern County (CA) Sheriff’s Department in the on-duty murder of a deputy and for a second seriously wounded deputy

July 25, 2021
9:55 PM pst

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Our Gracious Lord, it is with great earnest we come before Your Throne of Grace as we are brokenhearted at this tragic loss of another colleague. O’ Lord, as law enforcement officers, we first want to thank you that You are Wonderful, that You are our Counselor, our Mighty God, our Everlasting Father, and our Prince of Peace. Even in the midst of this tragedy, we, as law enforcement officers, thank you, Lord, for the privilege to be used as Your instruments of righteous¬ness, to serve every person in America—regardless of their background or heritage. We first want to lift up this wounded deputy into Your arms of love. May You continue to place the right medical specialists into his path and may You guide their hands and hearts to apply the correct treatment and bring about a full recovery. Nonetheless, the loss of just one peace officer, Lord, is too much to bear. We therefore lift up the family of this fallen deputy into Your Arms of Love and ask You to uplift them with Your Amazing Grace. As we know the family of this deputy is grieving and mourning ever so greatly, may Your love, grace, peace, mercy, comfort and Your Presence touch them and uphold them through this time of loss. We also want to lift up the men and women of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department as they cope with this tragic loss of their dear friend and co-worker. May Your grace and mercy touch every member and hold them ever so close to Your Side. Lord, we are so grateful that Your Word has acknowledged that when a man or woman becomes a law enforcement officer, he/she has accepted a divine appointment from YOU to serve the people of his/her community, state, or country. So, Lord, as law enforcement officers, may Your blessings, peace and mercy gently settle upon the Kern County Sheriff’s Department. We ask for Your hands of love to grip them; Your arms of strength to embrace them; Your legs of might to uphold them; Your eyes of kindness to watch over them; and Your mind of infinite wisdom to guide them. May every Kern County law enforcement officer be reminded that his/her job has been established by You. In the coming days as the Kern County Sheriff’s Department must begin to make preparations for final farewell to their fallen comrade, may You use this final service to draw any officer, deputy, agent, or investigator ever so close to Your Son, Jesus, in whom there is everlasting life. We are thankful a suspect has been arrested and ask You to grant the investigators wisdom. Lord, may You grant opportunities for many officers to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts to be their Savior and Lord and receive eternal life. May You be with the wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters, parents, friends, fiancés, boyfriends, or girlfriends of every law enforcement officer; and grant them grace to support and encourage each law enforcement officer through the difficult days that may be ahead. May You be with the heart, spirit, soul, and mind of every law enforcement officer who has endured this horrendous tragedy and may You, Lord, forever protect them from any future emotional trauma. May they know, without a doubt, You will never leave them nor forsake them, for You will always be their Shield and their Strong Tower against all enemies. This we ask in the precious and glorious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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