Praying for a seriously wounded Texas State Trooper

April 8, 2021
9:05 PM pst

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Our Father in Heaven, we need Your grace and mercies Lord right now to be upon a seriously wounded Texas Trooper who was shot. As the news reports he is in serious but stable condition, we come with boldness into Your presence to seek Your mercies upon the life of this trooper wounded in the line of duty. So, Lord, we ask for Your divine intervention into the life of this trooper and ask for Your healing touch to be upon him. May your Holy Spirit be upon this trooper and all of the medical professionals treating him. May You give the doctor’s wisdom and insight in order to continue to apply the correct medical treatment in order to spare the life of this trooper. May You grant emotional and spiritual strength to the many other Trooper’s and allied officers who have been so deeply challenged in their hearts and spirits at this injury to their colleague in which several others were critically wounded. May Your presence be made real to every law enforcement officer and co-worker involved in that horrific scene. We are thankful the suspect has been arrested. So Lord, may Your amazing grace especially touch the family members of your wounded servant who are at the hospital supporting their loved one. Lord, grant peace and comfort in the hearts of many other Texas State Troopers who have been so deeply affected emotionally and spiritually. May You be their Rock, their Fortress, their Comforter, their Strength, their Shield and their Peace. Draw them ever so close to Your side in the bonds of love. May many law enforcement officers call to You right now and may You hear the cries of their hearts. Grant continued healing mercies to this trooper. May anyone in need know Your word says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” May You grant the investigators wisdom to gather the facts surrounding this workplace shooting. Most importantly, may Your will be done. May You raise up Godly officer and chaplains to be a representative of Your Son and may many seek HIM for peace and comfort. Lastly, may You receive Glory at this difficult time, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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